Why is Everyone Switching to Taulia?Don't Be the Last to Turn Out the Light!

Are you ready for an alternative to your current solution? A way to strengthen relationships with your suppliers while paying them less? A way to achieve 100% electronic invoicing while saving millions annually through dynamic discounting? It is time to leave your current solution and move to Taulia.

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Questions You Should Ask Yourself
If you've found yourself asking these questions about your current solution, it might be time to call it quits:
  • Why aren't my suppliers using the portal?
  • Why isn't my ERP integration seamless?
  • When was the last time my solution was updated?
  • Why aren't I saving millions from dynamic discounting?
  • Does my solution have international capacity?
Why is everyone switching to Taulia?
Here are a few reasons why your colleagues are replacing their current solution with Taulia:
  • Absolutely free and intuitive for suppliers to use
  • Seamless ERP integration
  • Leading product innovation
  • Save millions annually from dynamic discounting
  • Multinational capabilities and follow-the-sun support

Companies Who Have ReXigned

“Switching to Taulia took 6 weeks and our discounts captured more than tripled within 12 months.” – AP Manager, Large US Utility
Large US Utility Deploys Taulia in 2011 with ROI over 2000%

This large US Utility was an early adopter of dynamic discounting. They faced many challenges with their previous solution – charging suppliers was ineffective, while dynamic discounting was only available on 55% of invoices.In 2011, they knew it was time to turn out the lights, and switched to Taulia. Within 3 months the solution was live. 45% of their suppliers switched in the first week, and within 5 weeks they had 99% of their suppliers converted. As you can see, early payment discounts have skyrocketed!

A world-leading manufacturer turned out the light because of the high supplier fees
One of the largest telecom companies turned out the light because previous solution could not support Canada
The global leader in food safety and security turned out the light because previous solution did not support Europe

Still Not Convinced?

You fear...
  • Migrating suppliers – we've done it
  • Missing information – we'll get it
  • Supplier acceptance – suppliers love our portal
We commit to...
  • Complete implementation in 12 weeks or less
  • Guaranteed supplier onboarding to Taulia
  • One million dollars saved within the first year

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Time to turn out the light.
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